Please visit our website regularly or like us on Facebook to get updates on discounts and offers on IT products at unbelievable prices.
Please visit our website regularly or like us on Facebook to get updates on discounts and offers on IT products at unbelievable prices.

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Every time we hire a tech assistant for our daily lives. We believe; Modern technology is deeply involved with us and technology has made the biggest impact and the biggest part of our daily lives. Metromart IT Solution is a reliable computer and networking retail shop in Bangladesh; Metromart was launched in June 2016 as a technology product store. Metromart is considered to be the most popular e-commerce for buying computers and networking and electronic products just by tapping on

PC Components, Accessories and Gaming Accessories Store – Metromart IT Solution

You can buy all the accessories and gaming products from Metromart Computer to customize your PC. So you can take the main components like processor (CPU) Monitor, Motherboard Graphics Card, SSD, HDD, RAM Casing, Cooler Supply etc. or any other product for PC like the keyboard. With a wide range of features like RGB light to give your PC a gaming vibe with the Mouse, Mousepad, Keyboard, headphones, Webcam, capture card, etc.

Best Computer Shop in Bangladesh – Metromart IT Solution

We hope for a better Desktop PC for everyday work or gaming setup. You can find all entry-level, mid-level, or high-performance brands within your budget on Metromart Computer. You can easily buy PC of any budget if you want. You can easily get your new Intel Desktop PCAMD Desktop PC, or Custom Desktop PC with PC Builder features from our e-commerce website or our store.

Best Securities Solution Shop In Bangladesh – Metromart IT Solution

Metromart IT Solution Choice is the largest and best securities camera brands shop in BD. We’ve covered all of the range for security cameras. Metromart IT Solution is selling the latest models of well-known Securities Camera brands securities camera brand, such as HIKVISION.  You can also buy an official original product from our store.

Best Office Equipment shop in Bangladesh – Metromart IT Solution

Metromart is always one step ahead of office equipment. Everyday technology products are a major thing for the home office and regular office. office equipment such as laptops, desktops, routers, printers, photocopiers, conference systems, attendance machines, server equipment, and other office supplies.

Best E-commerce Shop to order your desired Product –Metromart IT Solution

Metromart has always prioritized its customers and has launched e-commerce shops in addition to physical stores to ensure better customer service. Metromart’s goal is to meet the needs of more customers in the shortest possible time. Our website has a comprehensive search option to find the desired product.

Our website features a unique PC maker so you can create a custom PC and We have advanced security equipment with your desired components. We organize many promotional campaigns on various occasions and on a regular basis. Metromart also has a special day, year-end, and many more special offers. Stay with Metromart to meet your officer’s daily needs.

Best Price, Product & After-sales services – Metromart IT Solution

Metromart always cares about its customers. Every customer wants to get an original product at the best price. We offer their desired products at the best prices in the market for both online and physical stores. Moreover, we confirm the price before the sale and inform all the issues including the product warranty. Since we have one-sided brands, customers can purchase from all our brands at the same price. Brans’ location is included on our page and Website. At present, we have online delivery in all districts of Bangladesh.