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Bijoy Bangla Keyboard

Bijoy keyboard layout is a proprietary layout of Mustafa Jabbar. It is licensed under the Bangladesh Copyright Act 2005.[6] Bijoy keyboard, with related software and fonts, was first published in December 1998 for Macintosh computerWindows version of Bijoy Keyboard was first published in March 1993. The first version of Bijoy software was developed in India (possibly by an Indian programmer). Subsequent versions were developed in Bangladesh by Ananda Computers’ team of developers including Mustafa Jabbar who worked for Bijoy 5.0, popularly known as Bijoy 2000.[7] Version 3.0 is the latest version of Bijoy layout. Bijoy keyboard was most widely used in Bangladesh until the release of Unicode based Avro Keyboard. It has a different AltGr character and vowel sign input system with its software than the Unicode Standard. This ASCII-Unicode based Bengali input software and requires the purchase of a license to use on every computer.

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